Fermented Mustard Kit

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Make your own fermented whole grain mustard! Kit includes yellow and brown mustard seeds. Yields about 1 pint of mustard. You will also need water (no chlorine/chloramine), salt (non-iodized), and vinegar (apple cider or white wine recommended). You may also choose to add a dose of lactic acid bacteria to ensure vigorous fermentation. This can include whey from yogurt, brine from fermented vegetables, kombucha or other liquid containing lactic acid bacteria. We recommend adding some because dried spices don't contain as much naturally occurring lactic acid bacteria as fresh vegetables.

Instructions: Pour 1 cup of water into a Pyrex measuring cup. Add 7 grams (.25 oz) of salt and stir to dissolve. Meanwhile, coarsely grind mustard seeds. Add mustard seeds to a 1 pint mason jar. Add your salt/water solution and stir. Add your lactic acid bacteria at this point (2-4 tablespoons of liquid). Allow your mustard to ferment at room temperature (65-75 F) for 5 days. You may need to burp your jar once or twice per day. After fermentation, flavor with your vinegar (.25 cup) of choice. Store in the refrigerator for up to 3 months.

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