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The Brew Bag for Cooler

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Clover Product ID: MPH92RBT1DYDA

Say goodbye to stuck sparges! This Brew Bag is designed to fit coolers with a diameter between 13" and 16" and a maximum height of 21".

Features of The Brew Bag® for Coolers

  • Use again and again - NOT a throw away bag
  • 2" loops for lifting - either by hand or with a pulley and a hook
  • Holds over 100 pounds of grain
  • Smooth seams on the interior enable quick cleaning
  • All strapping intersections are reinforced with "X" stitching
  • 1" poly straps cover seams and bear the strain of grain - this bag will last and last
  • Hand wash and drip dry

Additional Benefits of The Brew Bag® for Coolers

You can also use the The Brew Bag™ as a complete Brew In A Bag NO SPARGE mash tool. Just calculate the full pre-boil volume, add approximately 12 ounces more water per pound of grain (this will be absorbed and tossed). Then just open the spigot and drain into the boil kettle. You may need a bigger mash tun for this process.

*Cooler not included

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