Fermentap Dial Thermometer - 3 in. Face x 6 in. Probe

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A great thermometer at a great price! These thermometers have a 3" Face, a 6" Probe, and a 1/2" MPT on the back. The 6" Probe works great in a Mash Tun, however may be too long for a boil kettle if you use an immersion chiller.

Standard Features:
-All Stainless Construction
-Fast Response to Temperature Change
-Hermetically Sealed (Moisture Proof)
-Within 1% Full Scale Accuracy
-Easily Calibrated With a Flat Head Screwdriver
-316 Stainless Steel Stem Material

Temperature range is 20-240F and 0-110C. Calibration screw is 1/16th" hex nut.

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