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Crisp Scottish Heavy 50 Peated Pot Still Malt (1 lb)

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Product Details
Clover Product ID: PQZAS9SY9Z4Z6

Extract (dry):81.5% min.

Malt Type: Base, Distilling
Grain Origin: Scotland
TP: 9.7% max
Friability: 90% min
ST Ration: 40 - 47

Utilizing peat from Aberdeenshire and the same spring barley as Crisp's Premium Pot Still Malt, this malt is slowly peated to give fullest absorption of phenols by each grain. This results in a depth of flavor that will not fade in storage and will provide that hallmark peat character in your whisky.

This heavy peated malt is measured at upwards of 50 ppm of total phenol.

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